See: LNDN DRGS release video for Aktive

LNDN DRGS, aka production duo Jay Worthy and Sean House released a 6-track album, Aktive, for free last week. Not only did it show off their R&B filled G-Funk, but it featured some collaborations with artists at the top of their game right now, including ReTCH, Krayzie Bone and one of the last things the laye A$AP Yams was involved in before his untimely death back in January.

The duo have released a new video for the brilliant title track Aktive, which features YG Hootie dropping the rhymes, and is immediately this warm funked up head-nodder built on this 80’s vibe, warm synth lines and rude basslines washing over you as Hootie sparkles with his rhymes. Check out the video as the boys cruise Brompton in California.

Go on, get your funk on….

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