Memphis rapper / social activist Marco Pavé has released a new video to accompany the track Black Tux, taken from his new EP, Perception. Already a hero in his locality as he campaigns for literacy for at risk youth and other good causes, he continues to spread his political messages through his music.

The track, produced by long time associate Kenny Wayne and built on a Curtis Mayfield sample, it soulfully glides along full of strings and sumptuous orchestrations, as over the top Pavé lays down his heartfelt opinions and keenly observed stories. Of the video, Marco shares, “This video has been my baby for the last few months, sitting with the thought of how the scenes should go. Hoping that the aesthetics of the video made the song come to life further. I feel like it did that for this song. The thing about racism is that it doesn’t allow people a chance to fully be human. And thing that you do is at the expense of your entire race. The stories in the Black Tux video are everyday stories that all people can relate to, but with the context of racism and self hate.”

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