Track: Street Chant – Never

Auckland three piece Street Chant have already released a couple of singles from their forthcoming album Hauora – out on Flying Nun/Arch Hill early 2016. . For the third slice of whats to come, a single Never, they’ve turned to something a little older. Emily Littler from the band explains “I had an immense struggle with writers block during the procrastination station that is Street Chant’s second LP Hauora. Trying to move forward with getting songwriting part the album underway I looked back at what for the sake of this paragraph I will call “lost songs”. The ones that never really came together, or were ditched for the sake of newer, more relevant material. I wrote Never before Street Chant was even Mean Street, and it has been performed with all 3 of our drummers. It has evolved and devolved, been deleted and reborn and twisted around. The lyrics and title have changed many times, but it has always been about the same subject: wanting. I am so glad it is finally out.”

Never is driving indie rock, the wiry guitar lines moving their spidery way over this pulsating bassline, bofore laying down this sour sounding shoegazey solo, before playing out becoming increasingly agitated and angry, before tension is released. Over the top though, its melody thats the order of the day, as the tension/release plays out several times over the course of the song. It’s frankly brilliant stuff.

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