Grimmfest Review: The Deep House

the treasures of the deep

Bodies of water can be scary places. Sure, we’re fed images of crystal-clear waters in perfect blue hues, but they’re inherently dangerous environments for land-dwellers. However, that on scratches the surface. The deeper you delve; the darker and more mysterious they become. What lurks within their depths? What manner of creature occupies these murky realms, lying in wait for the unsuspecting visitor? If you go down to The Deep House today, you’re in for a big surprise.

Ben (James Jagger) loves exploring abandoned buildings. Finding somewhere that’s off the grid and documenting his adventures with the hope of attracting enough followers to make money. While Tina (Camille Rowe) isn’t that enthused, she’s keen to participate in her boyfriend’s interests, even when she’d rather be doing something else. The pair arrive in South-West France and are steered by a local to a sunken house. They discover more than they bargained for.

The Deep House is a fantastic concept. A haunted house underwater, what’s not to love? Let’s start with the character of Ben who is simply just too relentlessly obnoxious for someone like Tina to put up with, let alone an audience. Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury (Inside/Livid) have created a great set to play in but the difficulties of filming in this kind of space are apparent in the end product. The scenario itself conjures up a certain level of anxiety, but there’s simply not enough here to make The Deep House scary or even consistently tense.

The Deep House screens at Grimmfest.

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