Grimmfest Review: The Pizzagate Massacre

Tootz Pizza

The wave of populism which followed in the footsteps of Donald Trump has had a profound and lasting impact on American society. Providing a catalyst for the rise of white nationalism, right-wing commentators and alt-right politicians. Not to mention the spike in misinformation and conspiracy theories. One of the strangest was ‘Pizzagate’, a child sex/human trafficking ring involving Democratic politicians and fast-food restaurants. It was obviously nonsense, yet still went viral. It provides the inspiration for The Pizzagate Massacre.

Terri Lee (Lee Eddy) is determined to tell the public the truth. The TV host is hellbent on exposing a conspiracy theory involving sex cults, lizard illuminati and a pizza place in Austin, Texas. Duncan (Tinus Seaux), a member of a right-wing militia, thinks she’s full of shit but knows these reptilians exist. He’s spurred on by Karen Black (Alexandria Payne), an amateur reporter who sees this as her big chance to break a story. The pair head down to Texas, determined to get answers.

The Pizzagate Massacre is a dark and bloody satire about the rise of right-wing conspiracy theory nuts in the United States. John Valley’s film is unstoppable. It starts at a brisk pace and never lets up. While not everything clicks, it’s full of interesting ideas and cutting social commentary. This world is frighteningly real because it almost is, and that’s where the real horror lays. The Pizzagate Massacre is a mind-boggling descent into the dark heart of America.

The Pizzagate Massacre screens at Grimmfest.

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