Premiere: Sunnsetter shares ‘The Whole World That Turns Around Itself’ with new album out today

The new record from Andrew McLeod has this hazy, perfectly timed early-springtime air about it. One part shoegaze and one part ambience, it’s all them. The Norfolk County, Ontario-based artist is also part of Zoon, but under his solo guise Sunnsetter makes music that’s a little more wistful, surprisingly meditative and prone to exploration.

‘The Whole World That Turns Around Itself’ is a fitting title for this song because it’s smack dab in the middle of their new record and was essentially the starting point for the whole thing. Per McLeod: “This track is one of the first things I created when my partner and I moved into our new house in rural Norfolk county. I found myself realizing there was an album coming together; I had about 20+ pieces of music to work from and I was trying to pair down but also create more tracks that really captured the mood of how I was feeling at the time.  After finishing this track, I remember thinking to myself that I had found a more central mood for this album as a whole and ended up scrapping a bunch of the songs I had previously recorded and almost starting from scratch.”

The contemplative instrumental piece is part of The best that I can be., out today via Paper Bag Records.

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