Track: Comforts Shine On New Indie Fizzer ‘Get Out Your Head’

Brighton 4-piece Comforts release their latest indie stunner ‘Get Out Your Head’, a vibrant display of emotive songwriting adorned with some cracking guitar sounds.

Opening with punching drums doused in gated reverb, the bands stylistic layer of chorus tinted guitar lines rush in above the driving plucked bass. Topped by lead vocalists Sam, urgent-yet-melancholic, High-octane-yet-reflective vocal delivery the bands ability to balance exciting musicality with emotional depth is highlighted.

As the track progresses through the dreamy atmospheric first chorus, the guitar sounds gradually grow more distorted through be following verse before the track truly bursts into life in the emphatic second chorus. Fuzzy guitar lines, punching drums and an explosive sense of energy contrasted with Sam’s considered, silky vocal deliver, the infectious nature of the vocal melodies shines bright as the soundscape pleasantly punches you in the face.

Dipping again into a reverb soaked, heartfelt pre-chorus the track then bursts into full flow once again with an explosive climax, closing out an impressive indie bop that deserves all the acclaim surely headed Comforts’ way.

Speaking about the single, the band explains: “Get Out Your Head is the first song we recorded using a YAMAHA FX500, an audio effects unit from the 80’s. Our producer Gordy had one and we instantly fell in love with the sound. It’s got this huge reverb setting that gives this shoegaze vibe to the intro and then this crazy distortion patch that is way too much but just fits perfectly for the chorus. 

Lyrically the song is about someone talking about you behind your back but having the courage to put it past you and remembering your self worth. ‘Just remember, remember who you are, just remember, as these time’s get hard.’ It’s also one of our favourites to play live!”

Listen below:

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