EP Review: Ethical Governor – Enclosed 05


The fifth release by Northern Irish producer Ethical Governor is an array of
uncontrollably ripping techno tracks that penetrate the constructs and allow
you to release the inner fury.

‘Control The Narrative’ is a dark, relentless force featuring low frequencies
that shake foundations to the core and puncture your chest with undeniable

The Chaos becomes addictive on ‘Dire Acropolis’ as a vast array of percussion
and broken kick-drum drive you through a sinister world of wicked melodies.

‘Ligature Marks’ sets up a rock hard back bone before building layers of
distorted lasers firing through the night, crisp hi-hats, alarms sounding and a
tension that can be cut with a knife.

‘Swear Upon Satan’ is a room shattering track with aggressive hooks and
devilishly good intensity that transports you to a booming club dancefloor.

These tracks form the EP entitled ‘Enclosed 05’ and are the follow up to Tony
McMurray’s last pounding techno release via his Enclosed Order imprint. An
impending wave of well crafted and creative frequencies, this release is a force
to be reckoned with.

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Not for the fainthearted. Four dark and heavy techno pieces with Industrial sounds over a thudding beats. Like an unrelenting monster of a machine buzzing with energy as its pistons sway back and forth emitting ominous sounds. Pounding Techno that hits hard.


01 Control The Narrative
02 Dire Acropolis
03 Ligature Marks
04 Swear Upon Satan

OUT NOW on Enclosed Order

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