Premiere: Brighton Indie 4 Piece Comforts Shine On New Single ‘Mixed Signals’

Brighton 4-piece Comforts demonstrate their ability to capture a vibrancy and an uplifting aura with beautifully placed instrumentation and an affecting air of melancholy on the new single ‘Mixed Signals’. We’re very excited to be running the premiere!

Dreamy-indie at it’s very best, ‘Mixed Signals’ blends modulation and reverb tinted, interweaving guitar lines which float over the tight drums and driving bass. Understated yet charismatic vocals top the instrumentation as the track develops into its vibrant chorus with layers of expertly placed harmonies. Moving gracefully through different sections, the single ends on aptly overwhelming and satisfying climax.

The capacity to create music which posses real emotional honesty and depth whilst retaining accessibility and musical excitement is what really shines through on ‘Mixed Signals’. The band have the ability to craft tracks which are far more than just a catchy tune, clearly capable to creating breathtaking music with heaps of flair and intrigue.

Speaking about the meaning behind the single, the band explains: “Mixed Signals is about two close friends going through a pretty bad break up at the time. It was quite toxic & so they’d both be calling each other, not picking up the phone which would result in huge fights! We wrote this song from their perspective, about one long night in particular. I guess there are always two sides to every story.”

With a whole host of new music on the way, the band are presenting their huge amounts of potential, lining up what will surely be a meteoric rise over the coming months.

Have a listen to ‘Mixed Signals’ ahead of it’s full release below:

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