EP Review: Jaws Of Life – Jaws Of Life Mini Mix Tape

The Breakdown

A joyous 10 minutes from what may very well be your new favourite band.

Comprised of Mitch Bock (guitar & vocals), Rhys Anderson (guitar), Steve French (bass & backing vocals), and Tim Tittley (drums), South Wales pop punk foursome Jaws Of Life, have gathered together three tracks for their debut EP, Jaws Of Life Mini Mix Tape. Three tracks that are set to showcase their bright and intelligent music.

The band remark about the creation of the EP: “Over lockdown, we probably wrote about forty songs, so it was hard to choose which set of songs to release first, but we felt ‘Stargazing’ and ‘I Promise’ really represented our sound best to a new listener. ‘Your Song’ is a different direction for us, but we wanted to showcase our ability to cross over into other genres. These three songs are a perfect introduction to our band.”

A bright beginning with the electric opening of Stargazing that’s bursts into life with full on chugging chords and dominated by Mitch Bock’s uplifting vocals. The track is also a nod to the exceptional clear production allowing the driving drums and catchy rhythms to bury deep under your skin.

With one hell of a catchy opening hook, ‘I Promise’ is a monster of the pop punk variety and grabs from the beginning and doesn’t let go. Rhys Anderson brings some excellent guitar widdling as Tim Tittley drops another fantastic drum score. The level of musicianship is impressive through out not just the stunningly powerful lungs from Bock who is lucky enough to have a band to back him up.

‘Your Song’ settles things down with its acoustic led ode to love although Bock’s powerful voice does much to burn the quiet ode away. Demonstrating a wider breadth of their song writing talent that track is beefed up when the electric guitars and drums enter to end on a glorious pop punk high.

The band have chosen well here and delivered three tracks that are shining beacons of their talent and songwriting brilliance. Helped by the clear production each instrument and vocal hits perfectly allowing the band’s message to reach across the air waves. A message that tackles the struggle with mental health on ‘I promise’ or the effects of love on ‘Stargazing’ and ‘Your Song’ though they have a different twist on that effect. It’s a mature and joyous 10 minutes from what may very well be your new favourite band.

Check out the bands track I Promise, below:

Find out more via the band’s Facebook

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