Track: Colleen Green unveils the cool and witty track ‘I Wanna Be A Dog’ and announces the release of the fittingly titled album ‘Cool’ for September

With an innate cool guitar driven bop, the new single by Colleen Green is an absolute joy. A simple three chord buzzing guitar rhythm, driving drums and a rousing chorus deliver a low-fi gem. Think of the vibe of a sixties jam and an nineties sensibility – The Ronettes meets The Breeders and The Raveonettes. Admiring the simplicity of our canine friends, ‘I Wanna Be A Dog’ is a poppy ray of sunshine with a wry sense of self-deprecatory humour and an indelible charm:

Still trying to run free
Still getting pulled back by my own leash
That I put on myself repeatedly
Still worried about what they think of me
When I could just lay down and go to sleep and dream

The accompanying video, directed by Steele O’ Neal and shot in Los Angeles,  is a simple sepia-tinged performance by Green filled with a sleepy vibe and a tongue placed firmly in the cheek:

You can get the single here.

Fittingly enough, the title of Green’s forthcoming album is entitled ‘Cool’, out on 10 September through Hardly Art. Because, you know, she is.

Feature Photograph: Jason MacDonald

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