Live Review: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds / Two Door Cinema Club / Confidence Man – Saint Anne’s Park, Dublin 05,06,2022

Only a short review as its lashed rain for most of the day, from before getting there till just after Noel came on stage.
So for the two opening acts it was more trying to keep dry and my gear dry which was near impossible as there was no shelter and all photographers had to wait out in the main arena after and before the time allotted to photograph, then by the time Noel did come on I was soaked through so didn’t stay for much of his set. unfortunately!

The opening act Confidence Man tried hard to get a party atmosphere going as that is what they do, an electropop act from Brisbane Queensland, four custom changes and catching electropop tunes.
At one point they asked the crowd to get down on the ground and no way was this going to work as said ground was just soaked, it was kind of odd watching Janet Planet dance around in shorts and bikini top and Sugar Bones topless while the crowd stood in plastic Ponchos get lashed on.
If it had of been anywhere else but St Anne’s Park in the pouring rain these guys would have been a great opening act and would get any crowd in the party mood and nicely set up for the day.
Photos taking from within the crowd as we weren’t let into the pit area.

So first act over and its scurries to the toilets and bars, the crowd has doubled as Two Door Cinema Club come on stage, this time we are let into the pit to photograph.
The band seemed to manage to get the crowd going as the younger in the crowd start to appear on shoulders and started getting more into a concert atmosphere, I stood at one point thinking fair play to yous in this weather.
Set list.
I Can Talk
Undercover Martyn
Are We Ready? (Wreck)
This Is The Life
Bad Decisions
Changing of the Seasons
Something Good Can Work
What You Know

So just before nine and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds walked out, the rain had all but stopped the arena is now fairly full and the atmosphere had lifted a lot! right from the start people were into it and from what I saw before leaving it looked as if it was going to be a belter.
Walking up the avenue out of the park I noticed a lot of people still arriving, now this is four songs into the set cant help but wonder was if folks who had decided to stay in the near by pubs and once the rain had stopped they headed for the music which I could still hear playing as I entered the train station a good twenty minute walk and its was Little By Little that was the last I heard as I boarded the train like a drowned rat.
Set List.
Fort Knox
Holy Mountain
Keep On Reaching
It’s a Beautiful World
She Thought Me How To Fly
Wandering Star
Rattling Rose
We’re On Our Way Now
Black Star Dancing
Dead in the Water
Little By Little (Oasis)
The Importance of Being Idle (Oasis)
What Ever (Oasis)
Wonder Wall (Oasis)
Half Way Around the World (Oasis)
Stop Crying Your Heart Out (Oasis)
If I Had a Gun
AKA…. What a Life
Don’t Look Back in Anger (Oasis)
Quinn the Eskimo ( The Mighty Quinn) (Bob Dylan)

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