Premiere: John Chiaverina returns as Rustbelt, shares EP taster ‘You Got Nowhere to Go But You’re Going There Tonight’

John Chiaverina doesn’t look particularly pleased to be on that lounger. There’s a possibility the Milwaukee native could be thinking about his project as Rustbelt going down in flames, but failure is a risk worth taking in creative endeavours; he’s written a new EP all about that. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because he went by Juiceboxxx for absolutely ages until relatively recently, but it’s a name you’re gonna want to familiarise yourself with because said new EP is brilliant. Italics-for-emphasis-level brilliant.

It’s not out until next year, sorry – in the meantime you can listen to ‘Oh My God Here It Comes Now‘ and the EP’s lead single proper, also the title track. It precedes the name change by, oh, a good decade or so. That’s how long he’s been working on it; never intended for his former guise as Juiceboxxx, it kept pulling him back in until eventually picked up as a starting point for the EP. It’s a song about feeling like a total fuck-up but trying your hardest anyway because there’s no other option.

Get stuck in below via our premiere; and yes, the custom Rustbelt disposable cup in the video is a real thing – he had about 2000 made because (a) it was the minimum order and (b) you would too if you could. The You Got Nowhere to Go But You’re Going There Tonight EP is out Friday January 19th 2024 via Dangerbird Records.

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