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Summers Sons return with their second full length album ‘The Rain‘, their most heartfelt record to date, ‘The Rain‘ was recorded in the wake of devastating family bereavement and explores some of the darkest themes we’ve heard from the duo.

Summers Sons are brothers Turt (vocals) and Slim (Production), Summers Sons two previous projects ‘Undertones’ and ‘Uhuru’ (With C.Tappin) have garnered the attention of the industry leading to tours with Children Of Zeus and live shows with FloFilz.

On its creation, Turt explains: “The Rain is a story of loss, love and new beginnings. Our most personal and experimental work to date. Written after the sudden passing of our step dad, a vulnerable and honest album exploring the lows and the journey to try pick up the pieces. Over a stripped back production style we bare ourselves more than ever before. The sun doesn’t always shine but we need The Rain to grow. The album was recorded over an 18 month period immediately following his death and recorded entirely in the house we all shared. It’s the most conceptual album we’ve made and the themes stay present as a strong current throughout.

A sombre mood takes us on a journey down rain soaked streets and over the grey skies of a troubled world, ‘The Rain‘ begins as distance thunder echoes and the suburban noises creep in, police sirens and the hum of street conversations blend with a mellow piano line, a smooth jazz trumpet floats through the smokey atmosphere and the lyrics begin…

The blend of raw text and deep late night sounds flow perfectly from one track to the next “Slow Motion the motive is chilling” is the vibe. The deep cut jazz loops coupled with minimal beats and layered production never fail to set the right mood for the bittersweet lyrics “shades of grey, nothing sunny but we radiate”. Between some of the main titles on the album are subtle short refrains of poetry and stripped down music adding cool breathing spaces to the complete work. Through the main titles we hear a plethora of smooth smouldering instrumentation, Low strumming guitars, deep plucked bass and the occasional delicately played organ sway melancholy under the words that hang darkly like clouds before a storm. But from the darkness there are some shades of light ‘Blue Skies’ and ‘Bittersweet’ show an optimistic side and are a perfect reflection of lives ups between the downs “the sun doesn’t always shine but we need the rain to grow”.

Check out ‘The Sequal‘ with the perfect vocal addition of C.Tappin

Track List:

  1. Lightworks
  2. The Rain Pt.1
  3. A Moment To Bill It
  4. Space To Breathe
  5. Blue Skies
  6. The Sequel feat. C. Tappin
  7. Just A Drop In The Ocean
  8. The Rain Pt.2
  9. Orange Moon
  10. Bittersweet feat. Zaya
  11. The Rain Pt.3

A low-fi jazz fusion sound with Guru style spoken poetry fills an album that grows on you with each listen, it’s one to track down and add to your late night/early morning section. You can sense the London skyline start to bruise as the music takes you through this urban landscape, letting the text paint a visceral picture of Love, Loss and new beginnings.

Summers Sons – The Rain: is out now on Melting Pot Music

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