Track: Chloe Black – Waterbed

Upcoming pop vixen (I actually stole that from the press release, don’t shoot the plagiariser) Chloe Black has revealed her latest single, following on from ’27 club’ and ‘wild at heart’. Called Waterbed, it’s glitzy, shimmering pop thats packed tight with attitude as it stutters through, Black’s vocal cajoling and oozing sassiness. If the first songs detailed melodrama and soulfulness, then this is edgier, harder, and frankly dirtier.

Chloë details the track: “I grew up partly in Seattle during the nineties and because of that grunge has a big place in my heart. ‘Waterbed’ is symptomatic of my nineties nostalgia but shot through a 2017 lens. I don’t want to say too much about it because I prefer when people are able to interpret things their own way; but I will say that to me the song is more than just literal.”

Check it out, here

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