London based electronic musician William Phillips, aka Tourist, has just revealed a new video for the track Sleepwalking, that features someone in outfit that looks like 1980’s childrens artist Tony Harts clay sidekick Morph. Hanging around looking slightly lost, either for real or in his own thoughts, eventually he feels the music and it takes over. Although it may not sound like it, its full of the gentle bittersweet feelings that Phillips music seems to portray.

Sleepwalking does just that, built on little motifs from the synths and the vocal lines, it seems to flower right in front of you, but there’s this constant, nagging, melancholy that goes alongside it. It’s taken from Tourist’s new EP Wash, about which he says “With this new music I wanted to make something that was more reflective of who I am now and how my life has changed over the past year. I moved out of my windowless studio and started writing from home again. I think subconsciously I’ve started writing more joyous, colourful music and I’ve loved being more collaborative once again. These tracks are my favourite music I’ve produced so far, Tourist will always change with each release and I’ve loved pushing the sound into a new place.”