Album Review: -(16)- return to form with Dream Squasher

-(16)- return with their new album, Dream Squasher this month via Relapse Records. A testament to the power of loss, every moment of Dream Squasher casts the San Diego band into new, deeper depths. “A conscious effort was made to inject positivity into the lyrical themes,” guitarist and lead vocalist Bobby Ferry explains. “The best we could come up with is loving your dog so much, you’d end up killing yourself if the dog dies.”

Squeak of feedback and a gut punching riff announce the new album in fine form. Opening track ‘Candy In Spanish’ is heavy in the right mounts.

‘Me And The Dog Die Together’ is a cracker of a song. We shared the video last month. Check it out, here It sounds great as part of this album and is a standout track.

‘Sadlands’ opens with some doom inspired chords. The vocals sound great here hinting at a stoner rock influence.

Dirty heavy slab of rock that is ‘Harvester Of Fabrication’ I love the way Ferry growls and rages. His vocals just grate with such fury.

‘Acid tongue’ The drumming really stands out on this track. The cleaner vocals spoken instead of singing contrast with Ferry’s growl and

A change of pace with an eastern feel to ‘Agora (Killed By A Moutain Lion)’ Featuring harmonica on the bluesy intro the band sound hit familiar territory. The anger oozes out of the speakers on this track.

‘Ride The Waves’ manic drumming pelts this song at 100mph. The mosh pit inducing guitar riff backed with the frantic drums will makes this a great live track.

‘Summer Of 96’ A wall of guitars dive into a hell of a head banging riff. With one of the few guitar solos on this album theres some melody to the mayhem. These guys can really throw some anger into their songs.

‘Screw Unto Others’ is bouldering guitars crashing into one another, set atop equally pulverising bass and drums. Thunderous riffs express equal parts melancholy and fury.

Best track goes to album closer ‘Kissing The Choir Boy’ Kicking off with an epic riff this track sounds huge. This is what -(16)- do well. Pounding slabs of metal from hell itself.

Check out album opener ‘Candy In Spanish’

For the first time in the band’s 29-year career, Dream Squasher sees Bobby Ferry stepping forward and taking the helm on lead vocals, rounding out the band with both monumental moments of singing and pained screams of pure vitriol. From standout tracks like ‘Candy in Spanish’, to bruisers like ‘Agora (Killed by a Mountain Lion)’ and the mountainous melodies of ‘Sadlands’, Dream Squasher proves to be -(16)-‘s return to form – where riffs dominate and anger reigns supreme.

Sometimes you have to go to the old guys when you need your metal done right.

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