Premiere: Jessica unveils the lush and gorgeous video for the haunting track ‘Apparition’

We are very honoured to premiere a new video from Sydney’s Jessica, for the track ‘Apparition’.

Last year we reviewed the quite frankly astonishing debut album from her called ‘The Space Between’ in which we wrote it was:

…impossibly beautiful – quiet, reflecting vignettes filled with a haunting sadness and an aura that could only be described as spiritual. This is a branch of dream pop that brushes against a folk sensibility – minimal if any percussion and instrumentation that floats like clouds supporting the sublime vocals. It is one of those albums that is a presence in itself – eleven tracks that forms one whole atmospheric cloak made from sweeping strings and gentle guitars.

From the album, ‘Apparition’ is a sombre elegy: simple and unadorned with a haunting refrain and backing vocals: light, dreamy and mesmerising. Jessica says of the track:

‘Apparition’ is an accumulation of memories of a particular time. Being young. Being stupid. How oppressive school could be. How small you could feel. How you never  thought twice why that friend never wanted to go home. How contacting the dead seemed like a good idea. The video itself was meant to capture the feeling and experience of memory– how we can be here, and there, all at once.

The new video is just as transfixing – lush and beautifully shot scenes that capture the elusive nature of the song as well its spiritual elegance. Jessica is at times overwhelmed by the dramatic and bleak landscapes, and other times is close and intimate. The cinematic scenes reflect the instrumentation and the vocals: open and expansive yet warm and intimate.

Like the song itself, this is a thing of immeasurable beauty and presence. The video was shot by by the multi-talented Darren Cross from Bernstein Studios who co-wrote parts of the album and plays with Jessica in the duo Jep and Dep

‘The Space Between’ is available through the link below. The video was filmed on Darug, Gundungurra and Wiradjuri land.

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