Film Review: Blood Vessel

Over the years, Nazis have proved very popular in horror movies. Obviously, it’s easy to hate one of Hitler’s minions but the rumours around occult obsessions and nefarious medical experiments make for rich pickings. Then there’s the fact that the Third Reich was inherently evil. This has resulted in a raft of popular films, including Dead Snow, The Keep, Overlord and The Bunker. It’s a theme which flows though Justin Dix’s new film, Blood Vessel.

After their boat is torpedoed, a group of Allied survivors think all hope is lost until their dingy encounters a strange German ship. Once aboard, it’s clear that there’s no crew left, but they begin to uncover a few mysteries. Like the hoard of Nazi loot, a strange ornamental coffin, all those dead bodies and a weird little girl. Whilst the group bicker and argue, something strange begins to happen. Greed leads to the unleashing of a nightmare.

Blood Vessel does precisely what it says on the tin. There’s nothing new or innovative here but you get exactly what you’d expect from the premise. Along with the dubious mix of nationalities, stereotyping and somewhat annoying ‘banter’ there are levels of blood and carnage you’d hope for from this kind of film. Indeed, the effects are impressive, as is the set. Whilst it doesn’t re-invent the wheel, Blood Vessel will satisfy a horror fan looking for cheap thrills.

Blood Vessel is exclusively on Shudder from 5 November.

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