TRACK: Bleach Lab – ‘Never Be’: dreampop brilliance from south of the Thames

Bleach Lab, photographed by Isy Townsend

SO, BRASS tacks: Bleach Lab, the upcoming dreampop who formed in Buckinghamshire but who moved to a new operating base south of the river; they’re bloody lovely. Now we’ve got that firmly established, we can move on. Agreed?

They’ve been around for a little while, and they’ve released three singles since 2019, including the beautiful, woozy introspection of last single, “Sleep”, a reflection on a relationship falling apart.

“Never Be” serves as its heartbreaking aftermath and lyrically offers solace during moments of regret as you try to come to terms with a new reality.

Lead singer Jenna Kyle explains: “The track is about taking a physical and metaphorical step out from a wearing relationship and moving away. Continuing life in a new city that you were supposed to live in together and trying to navigate around a breakup that never truly had a resolution.

“I was attempting to overcome the feelings of wanting everything to go back to the way it was, even though I knew in my heart that it wasn’t right.

Sonically, it inhabits a landscape somewhere out near the sad-but-wide-eyed wonder of Mazzy Star’s “Halah”, which is of course one of languid, folksy, drowsy and blissful excellence.

“Never Be” is self-released today, November 3rd, and crowns a year of development for Bleach Lab; let’s look forward to what they have in store in 2021.

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