Say Psych: Album Review, Forever Driftin’ by Foul Tip

Drum and bass isn’t something that you would normally associate with Cardinal Fuzz or Captcha Records. That’s because Foul Tip aren’t what you would normally associate with that genre, even though they are a Ed Bornstein (Drums & Vocals) and Adam Luksetich (Bass & Vocals). Foul Tip are actually an interesting duo who manage to coax more than you would imagine out of what most bands would call ‘the rhythm section’.

Foul tip

The Chicago twosome, on the evidence of this album at any rate, produce a heady mix of garage, Ramones-style punk (with a bit of Fugazi thrown in), post punk (Wire and The Gang of Four immediately come to mind) and even sixties influenced bands such as The Jam; with tinges of more avant garde sounds reminiscent of such as Talking Heads.

The choice of instruments tends to give Foul Tip tracks a stripped back feel, but this should not be confused with a lack of sophistication. The tracks are often elaborate and well-constructed.

Both Captcha and Cardinal Fuzz have history when it comes to releasing interesting garage music, and while this album might seem at odds with other bands who have released with them Foul Tip are definitely worth checking out.


‘Forever Driftin” is available to pre-order from Cardinal Fuzz and Captcha Records from 29th January 2016, and released on 11th March.

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