Track: Wild Nothing – Reichpop

“I desperately wanted for this to be the kind of record that would displace me,” says Jack Tatum, aka Wild Nothing, of his forthcoming third album, Life of Pause. “I’m terrified by the idea of being any one thing, or being of any one genre. And whether or not I accomplish that, I know that my only hope of getting there is to constantly reinvent. That reinvention doesn’t need to be drastic, but every new record has to have its own identity, and it has to have a separate set of goals from what came before.”

Judging by album taster Reichpop, what he’s arrived at is carefully crafted, layered pop music. The song opens with plaintive electronic sighs ofpver these rippling Marimbas before this sort of proto-indie funk kicks in, like a Japan record dragged into the 2010’s. And if that doesn’t peek your interest, nothing will.

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