Live Review: IST IST / Wax Heart Sodality – Independent, Sunderland 06.05.2022

Adam Littlemore

By Hazel Littlemore

It was my first time seeing wax heart sodality and as the show began with the lights down low the lead singer took the stage wearing a mask and a headscarf.  The lights came up and the act began and he slowly removed his mask through the act to reveal who he was. I wasn’t Expecting that!

I wasn’t disappointed when the band came on stage and they blew away the crowd, who were mesmerised by their flamboyance. The lead singer owned the stage wandering in and out of the crowd, grabbing onto random people and stroking their faces, the crowd they were not expecting that to happen. It was a mesmerising act of flamboyance glittery dark music.

By Adam Littlemore

IST IST was the last band to perform and from looking around the room at the sea of T-shirt’s, the bands arty modernist aesthetic is obviously loved by their fans almost as much as their music. The band begin with their first song ‘Your mine’, and as soon as Adam begins to sing you feel the emotion and intensity theat he spits out into the crowd. The band delivered a fantastic show. I’m sure that from the reaction from tonight’s crowd, there are great things ahead for Ist Ist and so there should be.

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