GFF Review: Some Like It Rare

The family butcher

As people turn away from meat in increasing numbers, let’s not kid ourselves that the alternatives are entirely perfect. Nevertheless, there is no doubting that we need to eat far fewer of our animal cousins. We cannot sustain the current levels of production and veganism is rapidly offering a viable and increasingly varied solution. There’s nothing quite like a nice steak though. The meatier and juicier the better. But, As Some Like It Rare demonstrates, there is a third way.

Sophie (Marina Foïs) and Vincent Pascal’s (Fabrice Eboué) marriage is on the rocks. The couple have been running the family’s butcher’s shop for a decade now but the debts are mounting and she wants more excitement in her life. Frustrated by his reluctance to compromise his morals. In a moment of madness, he runs over one of the vegan activists who vandalised his shop. In disposing of the body, he opens up a whole new market for ‘Iranian pork’.

From the likes of Sweeney Todd to Delicatessen, the concept of the butcher with a little extra is one which has proven to be popular. Some Like It Rare uses this conceit well, mixing dark and arch comedy with a fair smattering of blood. Although Fabrice Eboué’s film doesn’t really break any new ground, it plays on a number of current social issues to create an entertaining satire. It’s a good-natured romp which has a great deal of fun with the concept.

Some Like It Rare screened at Glasgow Film Festival. It will be released on Digital Platforms in the UK on 21 March.

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