See: Mumble Tide get out in the sticks for the glorious, sleepy wonk-pop of ‘Breakfast’

Gina Leonard and Ryan Rogers, aka Mumble Tide

AWWW man, Bristol’s Mumble Tide, now they’re properly lovely.

The wonky guitar pop duo of Gina Leonard and Ryan Rogers, who met when Gina put an advert up on Gumtree looking for a bassist, have just released their new single, “Breakfast”, which is sleepily devil-may-care, unbuttoned shirt and mussed-up hair, combining disarming lyrics and a blurry, wonky guitar just so. I mean c’mon, how can you not fall for a song which opens: “Everyone’s an arsehole?”

Singer Gina says: “We’ve experienced a lot of disharmony in the past few years and at times, I’ve been pretty upset by how people have treated each other.

“I don’t deal well with conflict and this song is about accepting that you aren’t always going to see eye to eye with people and that it’s OK to be on different pages sometimes, like it doesn’t make you a bad person.” 

It’s all done in-house, the Mumble Tide project – quite literally, put together at home under the approving eye of their mascot Furbs the Furby. They write and produce the songs, design the artwork and make the videos.

“Breakfast” follows last month’s snarl at the offloaded drain on the psyche, “Sucker”, which you can cop a listen to here.

Quite a lot came from that tentative advert in the end, when Gina met Ryan, henceforth her partner in musical crime: “The boyfriend part was a bonus,” she chuckles.  

Mumble Tide’s “Breakfast” is out today on all digital streaming platforms.

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