See: Melbourne’s Blackbirds FC unveil the cinematic and entrancing video for the shimmering track ‘Island of the Dogs’

Backseat Mafia premiered the fabulous single ‘Island of the Dogs’ for the brilliant Backbirds FC earlier this year, and the band has followed up with an absolute rich and immersive video for the track.

Filmed in an atmospheric monochrome, the video switches from flying high over open expansive landscapes to close up shots of the band performing the track. It is immersive and enthralling: the shimmering sounds of the song fits perfectly with the raw beauty of the scenery and the intimacy of the performance. This is a studied and elegant video worthy of such a brilliant track.

Songwriter Jeremy Gronow says:

The exterior and drone footage was shot and edited by 14 year Sean Phillips, his first music video. The band was introduced to Sean by our producer Cam McKenzie who knew his dad. On Cam’s recommendation we checked out Sean’s stuff and were impressed with the good taste, simplicity and atmosphere of his work. We liked his response to the song as well and connected aesthetically though shared influences like the great Australian black and white photographer Max Dupain.

The clip takes ‘Island of the Dogs” theme of exclusion and translates it into a ghostly monochrome landscape devoid of colour and people.

The result is something that somehow captures a sense of timelessness and a sense of place with the expansive coasts and endless horizons of the Australian geography, contrasted by the immediacy and vibrancy of the band in play. A shimmering package.

You can download ‘Island of the Dogs’ below:

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