Track: Mumble Tide – ‘Sucker’: The delight of getting rid with snarly guitars to boot

Ryan Rogers and Gina Leonard, aka Mumble Tide

NOW THERE’S a sweet and unusual back story: Mumble Tide, the Bristol bedroom pop duo of Gina Leonard and Ryan Rogers, first met through a Gumtree ad which singer Gina had placed, looking for a bassist.

“The boyfriend part was a bonus,” she adds – with maybe a little justifiable delight.

There’s no doubt that they make rather excellent, rousing indiepop, guitars to the fore, lightly choppy on the verse and kicking out the jams on the choruses and middle break, letting the fire and catharsis and righteousness of saying “so long, sucker” to that person who’s a pain in your arse bust through.

But it’s also light and carefree and has that kinda combination of the buzzsaw and the summery you get with Heavenly and Talulah Gosh and other members of Amelia Fletcher’s family tree; the lyrical fist in a dance-your-docs-off glove.

That carefree insouciance comes from the Mumble Tide manifesto that the band be a free creative space – their arbiter is Furbs the Furby, who oversees the songwriting from his pedestal in the centre of their home studio set-up.

“Sucker”, out right now across all digital streaming platforms on Nothing Fancy, follows their debut EP, Love Thing, beloved of Lauren Laverne and Steve Lamacq.

“This one is just a super fun track we threw together, says Gina.

“It’s about feeling confident and free and moving on (or at least trying to). It’s about throwing the baggage off your shoulders and strutting away … but also accepting that it’s not that easy.”

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