EP Review: Fuzz Lightyear share new EP Fuzz II

Photo credit Sam Joyce 

South London based trio Fuzz Lightyear are set to release their debut EP ‘Fuzz II’ on 23rd October. Influenced by shoegaze, lo-fi and psych the band were formed in 2019 and recorded the EP in a weekend in Peckham at the end of last year.

A rumbling start from first track ‘Pulling Teeth’. Manic drums and feedback bleed out to some intense singing and insane guitar thrashing. The whole track is one huge, brilliant swirling mess.

‘Animal’ sees the band with more control of the chaos. Though it’s still present trying to burst out at the end of each verse. ‘Animal’ allows you to appreciate the talent of Ben Parry with his surprisingly delicate vocals as he sings about, “wanting to live like an animal”.

‘L.F.W.D’ brings the psych with chorus drenched guitar lines and dreamy wandering vocals. Before the sledge hammer of noise crashes down and we are back in a wonderful world of chaos. But only briefly.

‘The Lovers’ brings the whole EP together with quiet demented guitars and paranoid vocals before the Fuzz storm takes over in a whirlwind of crashing cymbals.

This is a band who sound chaotic at first but a few listens and you get a sense of the structure and thought that has gone into these songs. It may seem easy to create noise like these guys but I can ensure you its’s not. Theres a control here that gives you a sense that it’s all well planned. Especially when teamed up with the quiet eye of the storm moments. The drumming through out is a cracking driving force for the tracks which allows the other two to indulge in all the noise making.

The only fault I find is the EP is just not long enough. I’m ready for more.

Check out the debut single ‘Animal’, below

Find out more about the band via their Website or Facebook

EP will be available through all good streaming sites.

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