Live Review: Iron Maiden – Belsonic – Ormeau Park, Belfast 13,06,2022

Belsonic Belfast kicked off with a bang as Iron Maiden opened the series of shows the run throughout June.
The venue being Ormeau Park was packed out with patch wearing fans who have waited a long time for this show to happen as it was planned for before (well lets not get into that).

The show opened with Transylvania played by tape as an intro and followed by Doctor Doctor (UFO) again by tape as the second part to the intro, after which band members came from both sides of the stage and started into new song Senjutsu a moment later Bruce rushes on to stage and its all go from here on in and during this opener to everyone’s delight Senjutsu Eddie made an appearance parading around the Japanese stage setting wielding his sword. Its was two more new songs that followed Stratego / The Writing on the Wall, after these there was a stage change to huge backdrops of stage glass windows and Bruce choosing to wear a cloak for Revelations. Bruce spoke for the first time (something that didn’t happen much after that) saying its been awhile since they played and awhile since they really played anywhere over the last three years, but hey we cant fix the world but we can fix tonight, also commented on how many flags from around the world were draped over the front barrier. It was on with Blood Brothers where the crowd were encouraged to raise their arms and clap along while sing the chorus and large jets of flames shot up from the stage.
Another backdrop change after Blood Brothers, I could at times through this review mention the numerous backdrop changes but I wont instead I’ll just say there was many now.
Its another cloak change for Bruce this time a hooded one and his carrying a cross for yep you guessed it Sign of the Cross during which there were on stage fireworks.
Flight of Icarus was up next which not only saw lots of flames from the stage but also from the stage ceiling and Bruce running around the stage with flamethrowers, one in each hand.
Its a costume change into a top hat and plague doctor mask for Fear of the Dark and Hallowed Be Thy Name during the latter Bruce sing from behind bars and a hangman’s noose descended from the ceiling which Bruce hung on to at times.
Next there was a brief spoken word into and the huge beasts inflatable head appears at the back of stage, the stage is decked out in fire pits and flames for Number of the Beast.
Scream for me Belfast Scream! and its into the last song of the main set that being Iron Maiden, before leaving the stage Nicko threw out his drummer sticks and a drum skin.
A short wait and they are back on stage with Trooper during which Trooper Eddie made an appearance and both him and Bruce duel it out with swords. The Clansman and Run to the Hills finished out the first encore and some more on stage fireworks were set of and ending this stage of the show Bruce press down on a large TNT detonator which let of more fireworks.
Some thought this to be the end but nope back out they came and people came running back in as we heard a Churchill speech before Aces High during which a large Spitfire plane appeared for this Bruce was dressed as an air pilot and folks that was the end. Nicko threw out his sticks and another skin as they left the stage to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life playing (Monty Python).
The guys played for an hour and forty five minutes
For many it was off to the Limelight club for an after party, for me it was back to my hotel.

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