News: Personality Crisis? Rich Ragany and The Digressions ask ‘How Much Of Me Is You?’

The Digressions release one of their catchiest singles yet in new track and awesome new video for 'How Much Of Me Is You?'

No matter how much you try, sometimes the people you want to accept you just won’t,’ explains Ragany. “You can poison yourself with the elixir of their love … Get addicted to the turmoil … This is about, in sound and lyrics, letting go and tearing away. Now doesn’t that feel better? – “How much of me is you? Not enough I guess. What a fuckin’ mess …

Now, accompanied by a fantastically unique and energetic video (directed by Craig Temple, who also took charge of Glen Matlock’s most recent offering) comes this glammy-guitar and harmony-heavy stomper, a taster off an album crammed full of soaring melodies and the kind of rock n’ roll that takes on many different moods, sounds and styles; when we reviewed ‘What We Do (To Not Let Go)’ back in January, we said it was ‘...already one of the best records of 2023.’

We initially had a very simple straight forward idea that was loosely based around an REM video,’ says Temple. ‘Then about 3 days before the shoot, I came up with this idea out of the blue. I guess David lynch is right and that shit really works!

I knew it would be a pain in the arse to do, and I was right. All it took was some decent lighting, a white sheet, an almost big enough studio, and a lot of me swearing at a computer!

And work it does; ‘How Much Of Me Is You‘ is one of the catchiest songs Ragany has written – which is saying something for such a master of the catchy chorus – and the video perfectly captures the eclecticism of the track, and the album it’s taken from. Put simply, The Digressions have done it again; it’s an absolute belter.

What We Do (To Not Let Go)‘ is out now on Barrel and Squidger Records.

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