Finnish shock rockers King Satan have a new single out, a new album on the way, and are looking to conquer every corner of the world with their heady mix of metal, industrial and theatrics. We caught up with lead singer Aleister Satan to see what’s happening.

So, tell us about King Satan. What’s th
story so far?
We are industrial metal & hellelektro band from Tampere, Finland founded in the end of 2015 by yours truly (King Aleister Satan) first as a solo studio project, but due to popular demand for live concerts, solo project became a full line-up band eventually. Ironically enough, none of us is from the city of Tampere originally, but it is where we met! Our lyrical and thematic concepts deals with wide range of topics that all tie somehow around the different archetypes of the Devil – especially its so called trickster aspects found from several mythologies and folklores. Our musical style is sort of over-the-top and probably little provocative industrial metal with strong electro and death metal influences and we play with juggle between satire, black comedy and occult-anarchistic pathos, as like some sort of metaphorical mask to deal with philosophical issues which all of course gives us a nice excuse to have flamboyant live shows, hah!

To this day, we have released one full-length album ”King Fucking Satan” in 2017 which had 4 singles and music videos. After the debut we were pretty lucky to get great live show opportunities at prestigious festivals and to support such acts as Pain, Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, Hocico, Velvet Acid Christ, Turmion Kätilöt etc. and also own European tour in 2018. After that we went into studio to record our second album which fruits shall be available for all in November 2019. It has been amazing ride, and still not comprehending what has happened, because it has been all moving on a fast lane type of progress, which I hope won’t go any slower in the future!

You have a new album on the way I understand?

Yes, in November 2019 will be the date of release for our second full-length album titled ”I Want You To Worship Satan”. Two singles and music videos were released already to this day, latest one yesterday from the song called ‘Fuck Yoga’ and first one was ‘The Killing Of God’. There will be more to come before the actual release of the album still!

How do you write new material?

We have no single method. Its all chaos, really. But in short, it is some sort of combination of carefully planned ideas and spontaneous creativity with lots of playing with different technics. Someone once said that creativity is intelligence having fun, and I agree with that!

What’s the motivation behind King Satan?

Well, I think its twofold. To use music as a method for self-expression and to do kind of music we are passionate for – is one of course. Another one is that this form of creativity and self-expression gives a very good channel to blow some steam born from existential anguish and general discontent towards the status quo of things from our perspective and also share our views of the world. This one put in short, it is a great propaganda channel for our ideas on the top of the music we breathe and enjoy!

Where are you taking King Satan, what’s the bigger picture?

I honestly don’t know anymore! I used to have some goals when we started this thing, but the reality of things maxed out all my expectations as they weren’t really high in the first place, hahaha! Since the band wagon is on the move with accelerating speed, lets see where it goes and I am sure it will be both bizarre and beautiful!

What’s coming up next?

At least one more single and music video, once more directed by yours truly. As all the previous ones too. During the debut, these music videos became released within 1,5 year time span, and now they come in every 3 months, so I had (and still have) lot to do with the music videos even after the album was done. But, I am believer of auteur spirit!

Dream goals for King Satan?

To take the mankind to the next step of spiritual evolution, which of course requires a spiritual revolution first! And this through the fine art of music! For short term, or at least less idealistic dream goal would be probably to have change for touring outside of Scandinavia and Mainland Europe. If that be reached, then I am sure I come up with more dream goals – but for me the journey is destination.

Any final words?

Thanks for the interview. Get tuned in towards November and check out our material if you want to expand your mind!


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