New Track/ Video: Pushing electro-acoustic possibilities ever onwards, NY sound artist/composer Lea Bertucci previews new album ‘Of Shadow And Substance’.

In a field where electronics and programming have come to dominate, the diligent work of New York based sound artist, composer and performer Lea Bertucci more than holds its own. Her focus is clear, a commitment to explore the timbres, textures, tunings and harmonic dimensions of acoustic instruments in their raw organic state. Over a decade of releases and live performance she has drawn on the shapes sounds and possibilities of the clarinet, saxophone, various strings, the vibraphone and harp to create long form, experimental music that challenges, intrigues and entrances. This focus on the acoustic and an energetic pursuit of leftfield process (multichannel speaker connections, fine detailed free improv, re-purposed audio technology etc) combine to set Bertucci in an artistic tradition that stretches from Stockhausen and Cage to Tony Conrad, Catherine Christer Hennix and beyond.

In 2021 she set up her own Cibachrome Editions imprint to re-house her significant back catalogue and play host to those inevitable new directions. A year later saw the first ‘new’ release on the label, ‘Murmurations’, an exquisite dive into drone plus real time vocal manipulation with Ben Vida, and now comes the announcement of the next aural expedition. To be found on Cibachrome from 1st December Lea Bertucci unveils her own album ‘Of Shadow And Substance’ consisting of two long form compositions from this boundary stretching artist.

You may have already caught a preview of the string quivering intensity of Vapours featuring the microcosmic tone probing of the Quartetto Maurice. Well now comes a second trailer before the full release, a teasing snippet of the title track which reveals an alchemic forging of electronics, cello, harp and percussion that twists and cavorts to take on its own life force. The full piece will demand engagement and paired with Vapours promises to form an album that once again sees Bertucci striding out fearlessly through the sonic other-worlds.

Pre-order your copy of Lea Bertucci’s ‘Of Shadow And Substance‘ from your local reccord store or direct from Cibachrome Editions HERE

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