Premiere: Boorloo/Perth’s King Ibis exclusively unveil sparkling single ‘Watch My Mind Bend’ with announcement of Coldplay support and live dates

We are honoured to bring you an exclusive listen to the new single ‘Watch My Mind Bend’ from rapidly rising Boorloo/Perth band King Ibis, who are creating quite a buzz in the industry. There is no further evidence required than the fact they have also been selected to support Coldplay for their limited visit to Australia where Coldplay are playing only one gig, in Perth.

‘Watch My Mind Bend’ shimmers like the expansive night skies over Western Australia – liquid guitars patter with a muted arpeggiated flow underneath singer Nadene Burchell’s silky velvet vocals, enticing and mesmerising. There is something that is archetypally antipodean in the delivery, capturing the essence of the red earth and blue skies. The song breaks into a cinematic chorus, anthemic and powerful, with a yearning heartbreaking melody. The band says of the track:

‘Watch My Mind Bend’ is about trying to quit a bad habit. In this case, the habit is a friends-with-benefits situation that you know will end in tears, but the allure of that physical connection is still too powerful to resist.

Indeed there is a sensuous luster highlighted by the smooth production and a flash of melancholy – an essential ingredient for any good pop song. This is a clearly band that is on a rapid ascent:

‘Watch My Mind Bend’ is out tomorrow (Friday, 3 November 2023) and can be pre-saved here. The band will have a series of live dates (including the Coldplay support) as follows:

Sunday, 19 November | Optus Stadium, Boorloo/Perth WA
Friday, 24 November | Balmy Nights Festival, Boorloo/Perth WA
Saturday, 25 November | Balmy Nights Festival, Kepa Kurl/Esperance WA

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