Track: Jesse Jo Stark – Driftwood

With the combination of a peacefully constructed composition and lyrics that show elements of a country inspired noir tale; ‘Driftwood’ by Jesse Jo Stark is an equally haunting and captivating song to listen to. Wonderfully performed with an excellent use of subtlety, it focuses on telling its story through an almost euphoric haze that feels timeless in its soundscape that allows the deep meaning of the lyrics to really reveal themselves and implant themselves in the listener.

There’s a distinct feeling in the way the lyrics have been crafted as the balance between understanding and a dark yet beautiful honesty is perfectly met. On the surface it’s easy to listen to which is where its power really resides, in that in lures you in and before you know it you’re part of something much more involving that will stay with you.



‘Driftwood’ also comes in partnership with ‘Down Your Drain’ which is audibly a lot darker and feels instantly more enticing than the first song, showcasing a stronger aspect of confidence in its delivery. Much like ‘Driftwood’ there’s also a timeless quality to it both in terms of its musical construction and the images it conjures up in the mind. Whilst a lot was implied in the first song, this has a very apparent edge to it all, feeling dangerous and charismatic throughout, its power is instantly evident from the opening to the close.



Whilst these are two very different songs, they both show the strength and creativity that Jesse puts forward through her music. It’s clear that there’s a lot more to look forward to from Jesse Jo Stark in 2017. For more on future releases as they happen we’ll keep you posted, in the mean time check out the links below:


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