Track: Algiers release expanded reimagining of Cleveland (20/20)

Taken from their 2017 album ‘The Underside of Power’, Algiers have released a hugely expanded version (to 50 minutes no less). On the original, vocalist Franklin’s James Fisher names the black people killed by police or who died in extraordinarily suspicious ways and who’s deaths were explained away as ‘suicide’.

In this new version, the contexts of the US election underlies things, as does some of the recent violent acts against black people in America, and Fisher has added 232 additional names to the piece of subsequent victims, as well as the names of The Atlanta Child Murder victims which took place from 1979-1981.

It’s moody, dark edged indie rock, with the original middle section twisting bass lines and weaving lines as it plays out with an anger and sincerity that makes it engaging and rewarding.

Check it out, here

The band will once again take over Adult Swim’s Instagram account on Tuesday, November 10that 7pm GMT.

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