News: Pol’s Debut EP: A Dynamic Resurgence of New Wave

The Dutch New Wave sensation, ‘Pol,’ composed of the talented brothers Ruben and Matthijs Pol, has just unleashed their long-awaited self-titled debut EP. In this 5-track offering, they breathe new life into the New Wave genre, infusing it with their own unique dynamism.

 At the forefront of the EP is the lead single, ‘L’Amour Fait Mal,’ which serves as a prime example of Pol’s innovative sound. The track weaves a rich analogue tapestry, blending textured synth lines and driving drum beats beneath a wistful vocal performance. It’s a signature blend that defines their musical identity. Pol explains, “‘L’Amour Fait Mal’ is a harmonious blend of upbeat energy and poignant melancholy, encapsulating the essence of a new-wave love song.”

What sets Pol apart is their deeply expressive songwriting. Drawing from their own personal experiences and journeys of self-exploration, the brothers tackle complex themes such as toxic masculinity, finding one’s place in the world, and navigating intricate relationships. This emotional depth is woven into their alluring New Wave sound, which incorporates elements of post-punk and glam rock, creating compositions that are uniquely their own.

Speaking about the EP, Pol reveals, “Many of the songs carry deeper personal meanings beyond their initial simplicity. This emotional journey has been both heavy and rewarding, as we refused to settle for anything less than our best (with our current capabilities).”

With the release of their debut EP, ‘Pol’ aims to capitalize on their previous success and bring their distinctive brand of New Wave to a broader audience. Their dynamic approach to the genre, coupled with their thought-provoking lyricism, promises to carve a prominent place for them in the contemporary music scene. As they continue to explore the complexities of life and relationships through their music, Pol is undoubtedly a duo to watch as they lead the resurgence of New Wave into a new era.

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