Discovered when Defected Records head honcho Simon Dunford visited the cinema, and heard his singing on a Wild Turkey Bourbon advert with Matthew McConaughey, Davie recently released his new single, the gospel soul of Testify. As Dunford says “Few things in life are better than discovering new music. Bottom line is that this is what has always driven me. Discovering, sharing, and amplifying great songs and great artists… This guy is the real deal. Trust me!”

Of the track, which was released on Juneteenth, a day that marks independence for the Black Community in the US and across the world, Davie says “For me, it’s beautiful that a very celebratory song like ‘Testify’ is coming out on the day (Juneteenth). I am black, and I have so much work to do to fight systemic oppression, but we also have so much to celebrate. It’s the perfect song to dance, clap, jump and let go!”

Davie brings the soul to a classic stomper, brushed into shape with some house stylings and sharpened still with repeating, echoey vocals, a splash of Saxophone and a whole load of funk.

Check out the accompanying video, here

Testify is out now via Defected Records on 7” vinyl and streaming services.