See: Slimboy celebrate 20 years with EP release ‘The Hopeless and Addicted’ and video For Never let it die

20 years of Slimboy means two decades of finest punkrock from basel/Switzerland! Exactly 20 years ago, the band released their debut album ‘No Fire on Beach’, causing quite a stir in the international punk rock scene. Before that, frontman Joel Bader had been touring the country with the britpoppers Supernova, together with Philippe Laffer, today one of the most accomplished producers in Switzerland.

Since their start Slimboy have been constantly on tour in Europe, like last year with Dog Eat Dog. They have become one of the most powerful and hard-working live bands in Switzerland, still keeping the DIY spirit alive.

So does this live EP cut it? Well as far as live recordings go, this does have a huge production feel and you do get the full atmosphere that sometimes lacks on live albums/EP’s. Hitting the scene 20 years ago and bringing a European slant to what is essentially an American born style of pop punk, this EP has all the essential high octane, melody driven music you could pack into a five track onslaught. Some of that can be seen in the video the band have just released for ‘Never Let It Die’.

The problem with the genre, is that it’s so easy to fall into the very generic rut that seems to trap so many other bands, Slimboy on the other hand, have carved a small niche for themselves, with a gritty rock edged vocal sound that is complimented by their very own world of sharp and super catchy guitar driven songs.

Released on June 26th, you can get your hands on this EP via all major Streaming platforms and check out the bands Facebook HERE

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