Tracks: Himalayas set to release new single ‘Love to hate’, and share video

Due out on the 3rd of July, Himalayas have hit fever pitch with this latest release. From Cardiff and made up of Joe Williams (lead vocals/guitars), Mike Griffiths (guitars/vocals), Louis Heaps (bass) and Drummer James Goldbourn they have been prolific in making a name for themselves since releasing their first tracks back in 2017 and building a hot bed of fans with a wicked live presence.

The band describe ‘We Love To Hate’ as a song about projecting anger outwards towards undeserving targets rather than facing up to and addressing our own problems. It’s becoming easier and easier to pin it on the most popular scapegoats than to go to the root of the problem and try to fix it.”  

A band for the future for sure! bringing Punk sensibility to a wider and younger audience, in a totally fresh way, a powerful melodic and world beating sound that deals with life and has a conscience. Music that has strands of Queens Of The Stone Age intermingled with The Strokes to create a must listen and see Band!

Check out the Bands Facebook to get yourself some pure ‘Rock n Roll’

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