Track: Chloe Styler releases the yearning, effervescent pop track ‘Consider Me Gone’

‘Consider Me Gone’, the new track from Gold Coast musician Chloe Styler, is a gorgeously haunting pop classic with a driving, insistent undercurrent and a vaulting and celestial chorus.

Styler says of the track:

It’s the perfect blend of every influence of mine, from early 2000s punk pop to 80s pop to a more contemporary indie pop – it’s the perfect song to welcome you all to this new era”.

Writing ‘Consider Me Gone’ was like going to therapy. I was able to get all the feelings out that I’d held in for so long, and the words practically fell onto the paper in front of me. There’s no anger, regret or any ill feeling in this song – just relief for finally being able to let go of something that I held onto for way too long.

The glorious hint of melancholy adds a bittersweet edge to the effervescent bubble gum pop pace:

‘Consider Me Gone’ is available now to download and stream here.

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