Film Review: The Titan

As human beings, we seem to be doing our level best to destroy our planet as fast as we can. Any measures to slow-down climate change or which try and preserve the Earth for future generations seem to be swiftly countered by the interests of big business. Once we’ve finally raped our world of every naturally resource and polluted it beyond redemption, that’s that. There are no get out of jail cards for us to play. But what if there was a way out? A way to prolong human existence? How far would you go? That’s the premise of Lennart Ruff’s debut feature The Titan.

The year is 2048 and the Earth has been ravaged. Overpopulation has led to violence and conflict. Our only hope is Saturn’s largest planet, Titan, which is the only other satellite with an atmosphere within our solar system. The problem is, humans simply can’t survive in that environment. Not as they are. Professor Collingwood (Tom Wilkinson) plans to change all that by evolving humans to survive. His programme, sponsored by NATO, is recruiting volunteers from around the world who have shown an ability to survive. One of these eager participants is Rick (Sam Worthington), who moves to the luxury base with his wife (Taylor Schilling) and son.

The Titan is a thought-provoking science-fiction film which tackles our future from a unique direction. Ruff offers a really intelligence and absorbing argument about the nature of humanity and whether it’s worth giving that up in order for a few to survive. However, it is problematic; especially in terms of the science and sheer rate of evolution. The Titan may not always work on all levels but at least it’s prepared to take risks and at least disappears down an interesting rabbit hole.

The Titan is out in cinemas and on digital HD from 13th April.

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