Track: The Pink Nostalgia Joins Forces With Fran Lusty For ‘It’s Alright’

The Pink Nostalgia, the indie pop solo project by Joseph James hailing from North London, returns with a heartwarming new single, ‘It’s Alright’ featuring guest vocals from Fran Lusty.

Atmospheric, whimsical indie comparable to the likes of RHODES with the added subtle electronics of The Japanese House, ‘It’s Alright’ offers a subtle, yet infectiously catchy alt-pop-come-indie ballad blending of impactful drums, warming overlapping guitar lines, and the angelic duo vocal delivery of the band and Fran. With a cinematic feel, ‘It’s Alright’ offers an emotive, immersive musical experience that is both naturally uplifting, and commercially viable whilst retaining a sense of moving melancholy.

Speaking about the single, he says: ““It’s Alright” is a letter to my younger self, telling him that despite what life may throw at you, despite its hardships, everything will be alright in the end. It also serves as a cathartic ‘thank you’ to my parents, for accepting me for who I am. The song deals with coming to terms with sexuality, and the guilt and shame that people can feel as a result

Together with my producer Andrew Chappell we embarked upon the songwriting process for “It’s Alright” with the aim of creating a huge, anthemic piece with my dear friend Fran Lusty providing soothing call-and-response female vocals throughout.

The track took many different forms during the writing process, beginning life as quite a sad song before moving to a major key and taking new life as a form of celebration rather than introspection. I would love for this song to reach as many people who have felt, or are feeling the same way, as possible. There is always going to be another morning. All your emotions are valid. You just have to keep holding on.

The song serves as a testament to The Pink Nostalgia’s musical prowess, as he skillfully fuses folk, rock, and pop to craft a distinctive and signature sound, packed with sonic and emotional depth.

With ‘It’s Alright’ as a preview of what’s to come, The Pink Nostalgia continues to captivate listeners with his emotive musical storytelling and rich, warming soundscapes.

Listen below:

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