Track: Domkraft – Seeds

Tobias Ohls

Swedish psychedelic doom-riffers Domkraft release the blistering and surprisingly sinister title track ‘Seeds’ as the second single from their highly-anticipated third full-length set for release on April 30.

Domkraft comment:

“Every new beginning has to start somewhere, usually by abandoning the old”, tells guitarist Martin Widholm. “It’s a notion that can be sentimental and empowering at the same time, and we wanted ‘Seed’ to open that way. To keep in touch with the past, but still clearly heading for new ground. We are all big Neil Young fans, and the slower parts with the guitar leading the way are heavily influenced by the Crazy Horse records, ‘Weld and Ragged Glory’ in particular. And there is also this spacious Gilmour-esque take-off at the end of the song, as we wanted to make the music slightly more three-dimensional this time. The pummeling main riff, on the other hand, is pretty much typical Domkraft, a bare minimum of repeated notes with a front-loaded drum beat. It should feel like trying to push forwards through a field of mud in a sandstorm, and then, possibly, getting through to the other side.”

Floor dragging thick bass riffing sees this track as a doom loaded classic. Domkraft manage to make magic from so little. It’s a talent you have to admire. Hypnotic guitar solos in between desperate shouted vocals and the pounding of planet starting drums. 2021 hasn’t sounding so good.

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‘Seeds’ is available on gatefold LP incl. 3-D glasses on solid violet or solid black vinyl, digisleeve CD, harcdover artbook (incl. CD and additional bonus track), and complete edition box set with gatefold LP on purple and green splatter vinyl, 3-D glasses, harcdover artbook, and bonus 7″ with additional live track on b-side.

1. Seeds
2. Perpetuator
3. Into Orbit
4. Dawn of Man
5. Tremors
6. Krank Blekhet
7. Audiodome

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