Exclusive: Producer M Data records a takeover mix for us at Backseat Mafia, plus interview

Having been very much in love with last years Datagroove EP, which mixed up this hard edged minimal sound with melodic moments and a swathe of bleeps and beeps, we approached Newcastle producer M Data (aka Michael Peters) for a Takeover Mix, where we ask the best new and established talent to take over our virtual wheels of steel for an hour and play whatever they feel like, and luckily enough he agreed.

We also tied him down to an interview to find out a bit more about him and his music.

*Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Michael Peters A.K.A. M Data, an electronic music artist from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

*What is it you do?

I enjoy creating and producing electronic music… electro, techy dance music, minimal, ambient, techno of all sorts really! 

*What are your current/future plans?

I’m so pleased; last year was unbelievably busy which hasn’t slowed at all. Support has gone from strength to strength; 2022 sees projects lined up across the Spring / Early summer period which is allowing a little creative time in the studio at the moment. Current plans include showcasing the various live sets and continuing to develop links across the industry.

*Tell us about the set; where was it recorded / what equipment / what was the main aim and what were you trying to express?

I’ve always had a huge appreciation for techno, electro and beats; with this live set I wanted to offer something different, to merge all styles, trying to keep it light in places, melodic, but with some deep, dark, more-minimal purist stuff in there. One of the aims was to capture many elements within the set; the distorted, raw, often hard side of live techno; more sublime, uplifting aspects of minimalism and modular synthesis; the futuristic, optimistic / dystopian contradictions and often fun feel of electro. I really wanted to take listeners on a journey and offer a balance, while also capturing elements of both my minimalistic and more-chaotic glitchy style; tech beats seemed an ideal way to capture this…

*When you construct a live set do you think of the piece as a whole or as a few songs at a time?

It’s a bit of both really; I have some ideas then jot them down, play with them… I treat it like a modular process, it’s all interchangeable and flexible. Once a framework is in place, it takes on a life of its own, depending on how the crowd reacts and how I feel when performing. When considering the set in its entirety, I like to take audiences on a journey so usually have an idea of how I’d like it to flow, although this can and often does change at any point.

*What inspires you?

All sorts of aspects of life; family, friends, social aspects, innovation… I’ve always found inspiration looking at the world around ever since being young, seeing what was going on. Musically, from an early age, I remember electronic music shaping my ideas of what the future will hold, it sounded so different, futuristic, and inspiring at the time. Other inspiration comes from remembering to take some time out every day, having a break and reflecting; quite often in the busy world we forget to switch off. For me, music creation is the ideal way to do this.

*Tell us about your work/music.

My music contains ideas and influences from many styles of music; ambient, electro, tech house, beats, however I’ve always favoured techno, whether that be melodic, Detroit, minimal, all-sorts! I’m also into ambient and deeper techno; in the past I’ve released music for TV and film. When in the studio, I’m inclusive and draw on as many influences and ideas as possible when being creative, interpreting them into something unique and original; that’s where I enjoy being most!

*Favourite labels, artists, tunes now?

Hundreds of tracks on hundreds of labels. It’s a great time for independent techno as it’s such a diverse market, I’m listening to all sorts. A lot of tech, minimal, electro and ambient… anything decent really! I’ve a lot of support for the smaller scenes; the industry seems to have exploded since lockdown has ended and the volume of high-quality tracks is unbelievable. I’m planning to publish some playlists on Spotify and Beatport so check those out once they are online…

*How did you get into electronic music? 

I first learned to play music as a child and was fascinated with electronic sound; one of my earliest musical memories is of Kraftwerk being synced on an educational program about robots in manufacturing, I was hooked! The early techno and rave scenes then appeared in the UK in the late 80s as I was starting high school, vinyl was being imported from the US and Europe… and that was that!

*What experiences have you had partying and playing and (good or bad)?

I’ve seen a lot since my first ever event; it’s a mixed bag really, I’d say 95% of events are positive with only a handful of memorable ones for negative reasons… I don’t think this is down to an event or events in general, it’s more to do with having mutual respect for others, unfortunately some people just don’t have that which sometimes impacts negatively. When it’s a good event though, and the venue, music and crowd are just right, that sort of atmosphere is hard to beat… anywhere! Those events stay with you for a long time…

*If not for music what would you do with yourself? 

I’m pretty focussed with my music as something I enjoy, as a distraction to everyday life and as a motivation. I’d be a nightmare to live with if I didn’t have something to focus on – ask my family! I’m a chemist by career and technically minded but also practical; I’d probably find a distraction in one of those areas.

*Where can people find out more about you?

Follow the links below for more info:



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