Track: Barton Hartsthorn Shares New Single ‘Starter Kiss’ & Releases Physical Copies Of New Album ‘Manchester Sun’

Singer-songwriter Barton Hartsthorn shares the gentle, reflective new single ‘Starter Kiss’, an indie-folk tinted, warming track showcasing intriguing musical ideas, varying musical textures and thoughtful lyricism. The opening track from Hatsthorn’s new album ‘Manchester Sun‘, the release comes with the announcement that physicals of the album are now available for purchase.

‘Starter Kiss’ is a prime example of the kind of relatable yet intricate and intricate musicality to be expected across the full album.

Gradually building from acoustic ballad through to a swaying alt-indie soundscape of boxy drums, bright, reverb tinted guitar lines and swelling synths, the track is full of some wonderful moments, particularly the fuzzy, lead synth instrumental at the tracks mid point. Tied together by Barton’s poetic, effortlessly riveting lyricism and honest, charismatic and emotive vocal delivery, the resulting product is an accessible yet beguiling offering comparable to Neil Finn’s 2001 album ‘One Nil’.

Speaking about the album, Barton explains: “As I was writing the songs I could tell that they’d need a different approach to the previous album. These were guitar-driven indie-folk tracks with an Americana overtone. There was a definite theme of missed opportunity in the stories within. Although I toyed with the idea of a purely guitar and vocal album, I knew that certain tracks would benefit from additional voices and textures. Some songs, like ‘In a House Overlooking the Sea’ and ‘Starter Kiss’, arrived late in the recording process but just demanded to be included! I certainly can’t imagine the album without them now…”

Purchase the full album on Vinyl & CD here:
The album ‘Manchester Sun’ is also available via Juno, Rough Trade, Assai Records
Digital Release:

Listen to ‘Starter Kiss’ taken from the album below:

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