Meet: American Pop Punk Wonder Stars Television Supervision

The Orlando four piece have just dropped their new EP ‘Mavericks’ (read our review here). The EP echoes the glory days of American pop punk and brings it bang up to date for a whole heap of new fans as well as delighting many an old fan too. We caught up with the band to find out a little bit more about them.

Give us a potted history of the band

We met in high school, playing Blink songs while we both were dodging class actually, and it eventually blossomed into shows, touring, getting signed to a small independent label and debuting in 2021. We feel like we have had a really cool little track record so far, getting the nod as the Florida rep for Alternative Press’ up and coming pop punk bands to watch for was really cool as our state (and our city of Orlando in particular) have so many fantastic bands who all could be in that spot was really cool. We have such a loving and talented scene here that the world is really starting to take notice of.

Who inspired you to start making music

The answer is gonna be different for each of us so I’ll say while I definitely have my favorites I can’t say it was a specific artist that motivated me initially, rather just the feeling of invigoration I would get when i was both listening to high energy rock acts like Van Halen, Ozzy, and Green Day. The secret sauce was that I was typically on the road, whether as a kid with my dad or when I first got my license. I feel like the two have always gone hand in hand in with my love of rock and pop music and I find that I am in this particular space of clarity when it’s just me and the road with blaring rock music fueling my soul. Some people take a walk, some lay down, I drive. It’s the loud, in your face energy and melodies that have always resonated with me, only as I grew up did I notice that I had a lot to say and developed this innate desire to take pride in my lyrics and try to connect people with what we struggle with.

And the one or maybe two records that inspired you artistically

We take inspiration from so many different things, ranging from pop, rock, rap, and even country, and each member of the band loves something different. Though to name a few…we would all have to say American Idiot, Blizzard of Oz, The Fame Monster, Chief (Erich Church) and a newer one would be the Thoughtz and Prayerz EP from Heart Attack Man. Quite all over the place we know! Feel like that covers the arena rock ambition and the different takes on structure littered within our music as well as our melodic and pop-polished angst.

If you’re trying to explain whom you sound like to someone that’s never heard you, what do you say

We’ve always struggled with this question! We think it’s a good thing because our goal as a band has been to never pigeon-hole our sound into one specific area so we just tell people if you like rock music you’ll like us. Id say we are rooted in high energy pop punk, a la Green Day and more recently Kenny Hoopla, that’s absolutely undeniable, but we love synth similar to a band like The Killers and the encompassing, theatrical sounds of arena rock artists. We live to perform and cultivate a sense of inclusion and invigoration in our shows.

Tell us about your new release

We are calling our “Mavericks” the daughter EP to our next album. Sort of serving as a teaser of what’s to come, which we cannot properly describe how excited we are to start releasing. You’ll find our arena rock and synth rock love in songs like “Cloud 9” and “Racing to You” which are huge staples of our live set, then see our experimental side in the hyper-punk track “The Truth”, as well as an homage to our skate punk roots in the song “Ex Games” which is just a highlight reel of all the bands we grew up listening to.

Where can we get hold of it  

All of our music is available online wherever you like to listen/purchase music! Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music, Deezer, YouTube, Limewire, Napster, you know the drill!

Tell us how you write

There’s really no set origin, sometimes Bry will come up with a riff and Brett will just run with it. Sometimes it’s more of a finished product, eventually they get brought to Jason who typically sits on the song for a day or so and plots out the beats. The entire time there is this sort of TVSV filter we put the songs through, meaning they could originate as a slow emo song and completely transform, we keep it fluid as we sort of let ourselves and our wide range of influences subliminally steer the song. Brett writes the lyrics, sometimes he will get so inspired by a riff that he just runs with it and writes the core of the song the day of, sometimes it takes him months, just sort of depends. We are also massive advocates of structure experimentation, trying to keep listeners guessing while also making those changes hit.

Tell us about your live show What would be your dream gig

Our live show is something that we take an immense amount of pride in, owe are often likened to hyenas which I can’t think of a cooler spirit animal. We are a bunch clowns that wreak havoc with a smile on our faces and I think that has always resonated with fans,m. We do everything we can to give everyone an environment where they feel like they can let loose all the bs they have been containing and just rock out for 45 minutes. We try to go as big as possible, constantly critiquing ourselves and figuring out how to outdo our previous shows. You never quite know what’s going to happen at a TVSV show….maybe a giant inflatable duck will show up, maybe someone gets thrown out the venue, maybe you blink and realize that one of the members of the band isn’t on stage anymore but is instead now over at the back of the venue standing on top of the bar, still rocking out and being as in your face as possible. We take rehearsing our songs and our stage presence very seriously, in all of what we do putting on a memorable live show is probably at the top of our list as there’s no better way to connect with someone than in person and we feel like we accomplish that every time. We want our fans to have a great time and remember us for giving them some time to remember how fun life can be, even in condensed periods of time.

I think the Mecca of gigs for all of us would be to play with Green Day one day, they’re a timeless class act that has been inspiring us long before we even knew how to play any instruments. Others would obviously be Heart Attack Man, Limp Bizkit, or really any artist at Slam Dunk.

A dream venue is actually close to home as we’d love to play the House Of Blues Orlando, we have grown up going to shows there and to be able to play on that stage would be such a full circle moment. We’re very close too.

What can we expect from you in the near future

“We are releasing our EP Mavericks on January 27th, produced by Spencer Bradham out of Clear Track Studios in Clearwater, FL. The EP consists of four diverse but simultaneously cohesive tracks: Cloud 9, Ex Games, The Truth, & Racing To You. We tried to pick the four most different tracks that we could so that we could show off every side and angle of the band in a very short period of time, as we’ve said this is one of the most important aspects of our writing process.

Songs like Ex Games show off our more old-school skate punk sound, great for a good ol’ mosh, while Racing To You shows off more of that catchy Pop Punk sound that we hope can get people moving and dancing. The Truth has often been referred to by some of our friends as the product of Green Day and Lady Gaga having a baby…. but we’ll let you guys be the judge of that. Cloud 9 takes influence from synth-driven arena rock and also Lady Gaga (can you tell we like her?) I guess you could say the best example of that would be The Killers (as mentioned earlier) so we’ve got a lot in here with just these four songs!

After this release we plan on not slowing down at all and releasing songs from our upcoming album, this time produced by Andy Karpovck (Magnolia Park, 408). Enjoy the Mavericks tease and get ready everybody!

Tell us your favourite records that’s rocking your headphones/tour bus/stereo

Not just because they are like brothers to us but we have been blasting the new 408 record. We walk around shouting the lyrics to each other all the time. Just really cool to see their progress and proud of the quality of songs they are pumping out. Other records that have been on repeat recently would be the new Heart Attack Man single that came out last summer and actually also have been throwing it back to Fall Out Boy’s Take This To Your Grave which turns 20 years old this year! Also will say we went balls deep in nostalgia listening to the new Blink song which we know everyone in the scene is excited about. It’s such a great time for pop punk and just rock in general, can’t wait to see what future has in store.

Check out the bands track Racing To you, below:

Find out more via the bands Facebook

Listen to the band’s EP on all good DSPs.

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