EP Review: Television Supervision – Mavericks

The Breakdown

Some cracking straight up punk rock to start the year off right. Like its 2003.

Orlando punk rockers Television Supervision have just released their brand new E.P ‘Mavericks’.
The E.P encapsulates high energy, raw and punk-rock attitudes and an ever growing ambition from the
Orlando 4-piece. From the empowering and adrenaline driven ‘Racing to You’ to the atmospheric and
heartfelt ‘Cloud’. ‘Mavericks’ displays a band who are fully capable of reigniting the pop-punk torch with
a brand new flame.

The EP starts off perfectly with the first track ‘Cloud9’, sounding like some 90’s club anthem fading in before the a burst of guitar introduces the band. A melodic slice of pop punk with quiet rhythmic verses and an explosive chorus coloured with distorted synths and cute backing vocals. The perfect introduction to the band and tier brand of American punk.

‘EX Games’ brings the band’s take on the traditional American punk sound, with a nod to the superb frantic drumming in this homage to the band’s skater punk roots. It’s all fast-paced catchy guitars and over rolling drums topped by energetic group vocals. You can’t help but get involved with tracks like this.

‘The Truth’ has a darker feel to it with an electronic beat that is slow and intense with the band’s vocals really shining. It’s allowed the band to showcase their songwriting outside of the upbeat pop-punk genre and sees them adding in their more varied influences from the likes of the Killers and Ozzy.

‘Racing To you’ carries on what ‘EX Games’ started with the bands full throttle punk hitting all the right places. There is some great-sounding bass on this as the band weave their dynamics, building the track up in true punk rock style. The anthemic gem is an absolute cracker and the reason the band are starting this year off with a bang with this EP.

You can hear the band’s influences over these four tracks and these guys will fit perfectly with fans of Green Day and Blink 182 etc. The straight-up punk rock mixed with the band’s vocal harmonies and intelligent lyrics gets these songs across to the listener with an impact.

Check out the band’s track Cloud 9, below:

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