Track: Yuck – Hearts in Motion

London based quartet Yuck return with their third album, titled Stranger Things, due to drop on February 26th via Mamé Records. From it the band are showcasing the first new music in the form of a track, Hearts in Motion. Yuck singer Max Bloom explains the track saying:
“”Hearts In Motion” is a song about how we deal with relationships. We’re all just blasting through space on a huge rock, so what’s the point in maintaining a relationship? Is it all just doomed to failure, or is it the one thing that we should be holding on to the most in this world? Who knows!”

The track bristles with these noisey but euphoric riffs, as it heads towards the sun and surf but gets sidetracked somewhere on the way. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of irresistible melodies, huge driving guitars, a slacker attitude and a don’t care philosophy. One way or another it’ll get inside your head, and refuse to leave. But there again, why you would ever want it to is a mystery.

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