Hanni El Khatib returns with new music in the form of  STRESSY via Innovative Leisure. A while since his last full length outing with 2017’s Savage Times and a step away from the bluesy rock of the likes of You Rascal You.

“When I started playing with ideas for the record, I thought it was important exploring music from my youth,” says El Khatib. “I was heavily into drum ‘n’ bass, hip hop, and sample-based instrumental music.  With ‘STRESSY’ I wanted to build the basses of the track from those early inspirations. I found myself being like, “what would the Prodigy do?”

The track wears the influences heavily and is hard to pin down genre wise, is it garage rock, is it hip-hop, is it psychedelic sampling? But it follows the route he has been going down most of last year with the hip-hop collaborations and boils down to one simple thing. Hanni is a songsmith, a creative force no matter what genre is he working in and STRESSY is a musical collage representing anxiety and stress in musical form. A complete freaking out. Very much looking forward tot he forthcoming album due later this year. 

Check it out, here.

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