See: KOKOKO! Release new video for Zala Mayele, plus tour news

Following on from the success of their brilliant debut album Fongola, released last year, Kinshasa Afro-punk-jazz-funk collective KOKOKO! have released a new video for the track Zala Mayele.

Built on a repeated baseline, Zala Mayele has this sort of bewitching, almost hypnotic slice of Afro funk, and it’s been accompanied by some startlingly berautiful video, in terms of how its shot rather than its content.

The band explain:
“Zala Mayele’s lyrics are about the dangers in Kinshasa’s street (thieves, sorcerers, gangs and more) and the importance of distinguishing what is what, what is hidden under what shape, in disguise around the corner, in the shadow. We follow Issa, as he wanders the streets on his own, threatened by the possible dangers blinding him, dangers that, little by little, he will be able to notice and take control of with a trip on the other side of the mirrors.”

Check it out, here

 In addition, the collective announces a run of UK dates and festivals. KOKOKO! have toured the world and performed in some of the most iconic venues such as London’s Fabric and Berghain in Berlin. You can catch their energetic show at one of the dates below (UK in bold):
Thursday 7th May: Germany, Berlin @ Xjazz festival
Friday 8th May: Belgium, Leuven @And& Fest
Thursday 14th May: UK, Brighton @ Great Escape
Friday 15th May: UK, Leeds @ Brudenell Social Club
Saturday 16th May: UK, London @Earth
Wednesday 20th May: Italy, Pisa @ Cinema Lumiere
Thursday 21st May: Italy, Bologna @ Locomotiv
Friday 22nd May: Italy, Milano @Santeria Toscano 31
Saturday 23rd May: Italy, Trento @ Teatro Sanbapolis
Saturday 30th May: NL, Amsterdam @ Lentekabinet
Friday 5th June: Sweden, Stockholm @Fashing
Saturday 6th June: Sweeden, Gothenbury @ Clandestino Festival
Saturday 13th June: Greece, Athens @ Plissken Festival
Friday 19th June: Switzerland, Lucern @ B-Sides
Tuesday 23rd June: Sweden, Malmo @ Sommarscen
Saturday 4th July: France, Mas D’Azil @ Festival Kokopelli
Thursday 9th July: France, Paris @ La Plage De Glazart
Friday 10th July: Belgium, Mons @Mons Au Carre
Saturday 11th July: France, Pommard @ Festival Rootstock
Friday 17th July: Czech, Ostrava @ Colours of Ostrava
Saturday 18th July: Germany, Grafenhainichen @ MELT Festival
Friday 24th July: Czech, Brno @ Pop Messe Festival
Saturday 25th July: UK, London @ Naked City
Tickets are available here.


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